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"Beautifully reproduced signed limited edition print of the original oil on canvas painting, signed by the artist, John Palliser. All prints come with a certificate of authentication can be mounted in a high quality,or framed.Delivered to your door"

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           British Crusader Legions of the Fallen  Scotland the Brave Cross of St. George  Welsh Dragons /Band of Brothers God Blood  Honour Charge of the Knights


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Bede’s World

Bedes world

Patriot Art At Bede’s World Medieval Fair 2013

Bede’s World Medieval Fair 2013, was held in the grounds of Bede’s World is a museum in Jarrow dedicated to the life and times of Venerable Bede, a monk, author and scolar who lived in at the Abbey Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, Wearmouth-Jarrow, a double monastery at Jarrow England.


Bedes world

Bedes world

Bedes world


Bedes world




Bedes world Bedes world

The main museum building features the ‘Age of Bede’ exhibit, including excavated artefacts from the historic monastery such as stained glass, imported pottery, coins and stone carvings, and exhibits about Anglo-Saxon culture, Bede’s life and works, the life of a monk, and the medieval Kingdom of Northumbria About British Heritage Art

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